Nomad Farm was such an inspirational group to work with. For this new business of young entrepreneurs that care about sustainability, Surf Town Solutions wanted to capture the farm’s collective goals with a modern website. More importantly, we wanted to make sure the website would be easy enough for them to manage. We did just that. Surf Town Solutions crafted their website with a fresh design and user metrics. Among other things, we added an intuitive payment method called Square that allows them to accept payment for their CSA and other products online. Nomad Farm wants to change the aging dynamic of farmers and offer another alternative to conventionally-farmed products. Our mission was to give them the tools they needed to jumpstart their business.

What We Did for Nomad Farm

  • Setup Domain Name and Hosting

    We bought Nomad Farm’s domain name and setup their hosting. We found the best deal among the thousands of domain names and hosting fees. We’ve been in web development long enough to know which web hosts to rely on.

  • Designed Website

    We designed their new website on the WordPress web platform. They wanted a simple, modern, and characteristic look. Check it out!

  • Compiled, Edited, and Added Photos

    We helped Nomad Farm compile hundreds of photos and choose the best ones to use on the website. We created a collage of the best photos on the homepage and showed them how to add new photos to their site.

  • Online Accounting and Payments

    We suggested Nomad Farm use a low-cost online accounting service called Freshbooks. Their 30 day trial-period gave the farmers enough time to decide if they liked the service, which allows for invoicing customers and fluid bookkeeping. We also set Nomad Farm’s website to accept payments through Paypal and Square, an intuitive mobile payment method that’s vital for when they need to take payments at Farmers’ markets.

  • Speed

    You’ll notice Nomad Farm’s website loads quickly. This is because we use the best web hosts and servers out there.

  • User Metrics

    User metrics can tell a young business a lot about who is visiting their site, where they are logging in from, what pages they like, and many other useful things. We not only used these for Nomad Farm’s site, we taught them how to analyze the metrics as well — a useful and relatively easy skill to learn.

  • Google Local Business

    We created their Google Local Business account so that customers could find Nomad Farm when they searched for “Nomad Farm” in Wisconsin.